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Hands-On Rider Evaluation & Stabilisation Webinar Series. Competence Certified (Lantra) from 15th October


Research is showing that postural pain is highly prevalent in horse riders and this affects horse and rider performance. Would you like to take a deep dive into evaluating rider postural issues from the ground? Would you like to learn a range of effective techniques to instantaneously improve horse and rider performance? Would you like to be formally competence-certified by Lantra to work with riders in this way?

Weekly 90 minute webinar sessions from Oct 15th at 18.30 London time, every Monday for 6 weeks. Full description below the payment link.

This series of webinars is game changing for the horse and rider combination as the rider is targeted for instantaneous improvements to stabilise them in the saddle.  Too often, the horse is encouraged to improve their way of going when it is the rider that needs to change the way they perform in the saddle.  This series has a strong focus on how the horse, saddle and rider can make fast track improvements for enhanced performance.

This instructional webinar series is 12 hours long, providing practical content for those equine and equestrian professionals, competition riders, saddle fitters, massage therapists, coaches and students working with the precision sport horse, saddle and rider combination that want to gain a greater understanding of performance issues and what to target for resolution. 

Ideal for those beginning to work with the horse saddle and rider as a combination, regardless of professional background.  Presented by PhD student, graduate human Sports Therapist, Equine Veterinary Physiotherapist and certified saddle fitter, Caroline Lindsay, who has been working successfully with horse, saddle and rider combinations for more than 2 decades.

This presentation complements the Identify, Learn and Recall Equine Kinetic Anatomy programme.

Fantastic course filling up the gaps and adding new techniques to the existing tool set. Amazing way of presenting material. Super clear and easy to understand.” K.D.

A really interesting series of webinars, very clearly and thoroughly presented with excellent pictures and videos…..this is definitely information and advice I will keep coming back to!” J.P.

Competence will be certified after submission of marked assignments made up from short film clips. Or attend as a viewer, without competence certification.

Presented in a refreshingly unique highly applied, informative format, the webinar covers the range of techniques for the identification of functional asymmetry in the rider and subsequent stabilisation techniques to enhance equitation performance enhancement.  This programme clearly shows how the interaction between the individual horse saddle rider combination can be optimised.  The presentation includes film, explanations and case studies. Discussions will be generated from audience participation.


  1. An overview of equitation forces acting on the horse, saddle and rider combination.
  2. Rider evaluation off the horse using a series of basic functional tests both with and without the saddle.
  3. How the saddle can block optimal postural in the rider.
  4. A review of the scientific literature suggesting how the skilled rider rides in balance.
  5. How to instantaneously stabilise the rider to create thoracic sling engagement, wither lift and lightness of steps in the horse.
  6. Saddle and bridle fit checking.

As well as being highly applied, this lecture is highly visual and has a wealth of video content for clarification of the theory.

CPD online participation certificates issued on request.

Rider Evaluation & Stabilisation Webinar Replay

English, German Subtitles, French Subtitles, Polish Subtitles, Italian Subtitles, Dutch Subtitles, Portuguese Subtitles, Spanish Subtitles, Swedish Subtitles, Finnish Subtitles


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