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Recognising Equine Lameness & Compensatory Gait Webinar Replay (10 Languages)

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Watch a 4 minute clip from this presentation on YouTube.

A comprehensive exploration of many of the features of compensatory gait that can be recognised in a typical visual gait analysis using a range of video clips and featuring a wide range of horses.  Emphasis is placed on where and how to look for compensatory gait.  Application of the techniques is as inclusive for a wide range of riders and equine/equitation practitioners, including veterinarians, as possible.  Each webinar replay includes film, explanations and discussions generated from audience participation.  Choose from English, German, French, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish or Finnish languages.  Full description and 4 minute video excerpt below the payment link.

Fantastic course filling up the gaps and adding new techniques to the existing tool set. Amazing way of presenting material. Super clear and easy to understand.” K.D.

A really interesting series of webinars, very clearly and thoroughly presented with excellent pictures and videos…..this is definitely information and advice I will keep coming back to!” J.P.


1hr20min of professional equine gait analysis theory and practical content for the precision sport horse and rider combination.

Presented by graduate human Sports Therapist, Equine Veterinary Physiotherapist and certified saddle fitter, Caroline Lindsay, this series of interactive webinar replays was part of a comprehensive accredited course series created for equine and equestrian professionals and competition riders.

Equitation coaches and instructors, trainers and therapists will find the content highly informative.

Content includes:

  1. The importance of gait evaluation.
  2. Challenges and limitations of gait analysis protocol.
  3. History taking essentials for gait analysis.
  4. How to direct a visual gait evaluation, in hand, on the lunge and ridden.
  5. Evaluating gait in walk if there is no other alternative.
  6. Determination of what can be recognised in a visual gait analysis and which observations are relevant.
  7. Distinguish between good and poor quality gait patterns.
  8. Positioning of the observer.
  9. Signs and grading of lameness.
  10. Application of correct use of gait analysis terminology.
  11. Determine how to notate results for case reports.

The lecture is highly visual and has a wealth of video content for clarification of the theory.

Recognising Compensatory Gait Webinar Replay

English, German Subtitles, French Subtitles, Polish Subtitles, Italian Subtitles, Dutch Subtitles, Portuguese Subtitles, Spanish Subtitles, Swedish Subtitles, Finnish Subtitles

1 review for Recognising Equine Lameness & Compensatory Gait Webinar Replay (10 Languages)

  1. Yasmin Willerton (verified owner)

    An excellent webinar, very thorough and informative to refresh knowledge on examining horses and useful CPD. Clear slides and terminology talk throughs are excellent. Really enjoyed it and will be doing the spinal lameness webinar soon. Definitely recommend and very worth a watch for all.

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