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Equine Chiropractic Manipulation Myofascial Mobilisation Techniques 12 hour Webinar Replay (10 Languages)

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A comprehensive range of equine chiropractic manipulation, myofascial and mobilisation techniques, together with variations and many alternatives for the techniques, are demonstrated on video as an instant download.  Emphasis is on correcting equine posture with equine chiropractic style methods, including those of American Chiropractor, Dr Daniel Kamen, together with exercise prescription.  Application of the techniques is as inclusive for a wide range of equine practitioners as possible.  Each webinar replay includes film, explanations and discussions generated from audience participation.  Choose from English, German, French, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish or Finnish languages.  Full description below the payment link.

“Your information is so beautifully  explained. And lights up the neurology.” K.D-F.

Fantastic course filling up the gaps and adding new techniques to the existing tool set. Amazing way of presenting material. Super clear and easy to understand.” K.D.

Professional and easy to follow. Time given to answer questions and a huge amount of information given with great videos of treatments to demonstrate the theory. Excellent value.” K.O.

A really interesting series of webinars, very clearly and thoroughly presented with excellent pictures and videos…..this is definitely information and advice I will keep coming back to!” J.P.


Presented by Veterinary Physiotherapist, qualified saddle fitter and graduate human Sports Therapist, Caroline Lindsay, this replay of  interactive webinars was part of a series created for equine therapists and students of equine therapy around the world to participate in, specifically to evaluate the techniques with a view to adding to their techniques toolbox as their current level of training and expertise permits.

  1. A review of the anatomical names and biomechanics of the muscles and their siting on the equine head and neck, back, ribs, pelvis and limbs.
  2. Evaluation of the temporomandibular, hyoid, atlanto-axial, atlanto-occipital, cervical, thoracic, lumbar vertebral segments, the ribs pelvis and limbs.
  3. How the above joint segments can be addressed with a variety of manipulation and myofascial techniques to improve performance and gait by resolving minor segmental range of motion restrictions.
  4. How a selection of trigger points may be identified and addressed.
  5. Exercises to mobilise the head, neck, back, pelvis and limbs both manually and with stretching, ground schooling and ridden techniques.
  6. How the techniques can be applied to address the equine body’s support system of the newly discovered myofascial lines.

The lecture is highly visual and has a wealth of video content for clarification.

There are 3 final videos which summarise the techniques for easy reference to use as a Techniques Manual.

12 Hour Techniques Webinar Replay

English, German Subtitles, French Subtitles, Polish Subtitles, Italian Subtitles, Dutch Subtitles, Portuguese Subtitles, Spanish Subtitles, Swedish Subtitles, Finnish Subtitles

2 reviews for Equine Chiropractic Manipulation Myofascial Mobilisation Techniques 12 hour Webinar Replay (10 Languages)

  1. Paul Mc Alister

    I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar, I found it really informative, and there is so much content in here to use for future reference. Caroline’s, knowledge as a saddle fitter really shows through with her dynamic anatomy theory. A very watchable instructor.

  2. Keighley (verified owner)

    Working as a Chiropractor already I didn’t know how beneficial this course would be to me. However, it was great.

    Lots of anatomical information, with a good linkage to saddle, horse, rider and performance. Accompanied with deeper pathologies to cross over.

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