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How to Plan an Individual Equine Exercise Programme. 2hr45min Webinar Replay

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Equine therapists, coaches, trainers, competition riders, veterinarians – can you justify your exercise prescriptions?  Do you know how to formulate load progression exercises?  Are you confident that your exercise suggestions match the horse’s exercise needs every time?

This instructional webinar is a 2.5 hour long session providing practical content for those equine and equestrian professionals and competition riders working with the precision sport horse, saddle and rider combination that want to gain a greater understanding of what prescribing exercise really entails.  Both rehabilitation and sports performance programmes are covered in detail.

Presented by PhD student, graduate human Sports Therapist, Equine Veterinary Physiotherapist and certified saddle fitter, Caroline Lindsay, who has been working successfully with horse, saddle and rider combinations for more than 2 decades.

Fantastic course filling up the gaps and adding new techniques to the existing tool set. Amazing way of presenting material. Super clear and easy to understand.” K.D.

A really interesting series of webinars, very clearly and thoroughly presented with excellent pictures and videos…..this is definitely information and advice I will keep coming back to!” J.P.

This webinar with permanent replay access forms part of a comprehensive accredited course series created for equine and equestrian professionals and competition riders dedicated to ethical horse saddle rider performance.

Presented in a refreshingly unique highly informative format, the webinar will cover a comprehensive range of the essential components of prescribing equine exercise prescription.

Presentation includes film, explanations and discussions generated from audience participation.

Content includes:

  1. Locomotor tissue response to exercise.
  2. Acute fatigue in relation to muscle conditioning.
  3. The importance of rest in an exercise programme.
  4. Warming up and cooling down.
  5. The rehabilitation process.
  6. Stage progression.
  7. Developmental Considerations.
  8. Creating a Needs Analysis report for sport or injury.
  9. Load progression in exercise for sports performance.
  10. The rationale for selecting progressive exercise.
  11. Progressive exercise for the equine.
  12. Exercising for weight reduction.

As well as being highly applied, this lecture is highly visual for clarification of the theory.

CPD online participation certificates issued.

6 reviews for How to Plan an Individual Equine Exercise Programme. 2hr45min Webinar Replay

  1. JDB

    Very clear and exentisive outlining of what an exercise programme should look like with the emphasis on always taking care of the individual horse/rider combination. Highly recommended for everyone who is involved with horses, a real must have for equine professionals. As a vet I really appreciated that there is a lot of scientific basis in the presentation.

  2. Ashley Stinson

    A very thorough, scientific approach to building an equine exercise program. If you are looking for a step by step on how to create an exercise program, this is not it, however Caroline does give you the information and background needed to build your own based on the individual needs of the horse. This is a great CPD for equine professionals but would still be helpful for horse owner.

  3. PM

    A very well structured webinar, giving a guide when making an exercise plan for each individual horse, Caroline often gives the viewer choice! which is refreshing as there is often several way,s to gain optimum results.

  4. Tracy Pain (verified owner)

    A very clear and comprehensive webinar looking at how to create an exercise program encompassing both horse and rider. I fully recommend watching this.

  5. Harley (verified owner)

    I absolutely love watching Caroline’s videos and lectures, I find them all extremely educational and they always cover every area they talk about in depth leaving my brain satisfied that I thoroughly know everything I need to know!

  6. IGB

    Very educational and good structured webinar on the backround information required to properly build up an equine training program. As mentioned before this is a great learning opportunity for equine professionals and knowledgeable horse owners.

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