Horse Saddle Rider

“The tremendous joy that the ridden sport horse or pony partnership can bring is immeasurably more than the sum of its separate horse, saddle & rider
components.  A  knowledge of collectively targeting asymmetry in the combination is essential to enrich the pursuit of performance.”
Caroline Lindsay, Horse Saddle Rider Course Creator

This unique equine and equestrian online learning and CPD resource was created by Caroline Lindsay, UK based qualified Clinical Educator and RAMP Registered Veterinary Physiotherapist, to address Horse Saddle Rider performance enhancement.

Learners can purchase webinar replays in English or sub-titled in multiple languages, participate in online courses at their own pace and access links to the Learn Equine Therapy,  Learn Saddle Fitting and the Horse Saddle Rider Lab Facebook groups and YouTube film clips for general learning and news of live webinars and face to face CPD events by clicking on the boxes below.

Online Learning topics are: Horse and Pony Evaluation, Identification and Resolution of Asymmetry,  Rider Evaluation & Stabilisation, Applied Equine Anatomy and how to Identify, Learn and recall it, Equine Chiropractic/Manipulation, Myofascial & Mobilisation Techniques including a selection from Dr Daniel Kamen DC, Applied Equitation Biomechanics,  Compensatory Gait, Saddle & Bridle Fitting, Equine Muscle Conditioning, all formulated to help the precision rider improve their stabilisation and synchronisation for harmonious equitation and performance enhancement for horse and pony welfare and well-being.

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"We students were constantly being shown perfectly obvious but hitherto untold unknown information that everyone dealing with horses should know. Feel mortified that I have been a riding instructor/trainer and have not known what we all learnt today."
United Kingdom
"I highly recommend Caroline Lindsay for her equestrian knowledge, skill and professionalism. I know these techniques are in great hands with Caroline. I enthusiastically endorse her and her teaching ability……. If Ms. Lindsay’s book were a violin, it would be Stradivarius."
Dr Daniel Kamen
DC United States
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