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"Thanks Caroline. I’m hooked. I find your format and presentation fantastic and it really works for me!" A.C.
"For once, a CPD course that has delivered what was promised (which makes a refreshing change)." V.P.
"The Daniel Kamen Equine Manipulation Techniques Course is the missing link to my equine therapy treatments." K.H.

Currently studying for a Doctorate focusing on Rider Biomechanics in Equitation, Caroline Lindsay BSc(Hons), MSFC Dip, PGCert, AdvCertVPhys, CertEdVPT, MPSFA MIRVAP MRAMP is a UK based Clinical Educator and RAMP (Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners) and IRVAP (Institute of Registered Animal and Veterinary Physiotherapists) member.  Caroline is also a Member of the Professional Saddle Fitters Association and holds a place on the Executive Team as  President and CPD Coordinator.   Her Horse Saddle Rider expertise is underpinned by a First Class Honours Degree (2002) that qualifies her to assess and treat human athletes.  

Caroline has 24 years’ professional experience combining horse, saddle and rider manual and electrotherapy techniques with rehabilitative exercise programmes.  She holds the Master Saddle Fitting Consultants Diploma in Saddle Fitting.  As part of her BTEC Higher Certificate in Equine Athletic Performance & Rehabilitation she gained a qualification in Saddle Fit Checking, gained more than 2 decades ago.  She has a special interest in evaluating and resolving asymmetry in the horse-saddle-rider combination and is about to complete the manuscript of her textbook: Living Asymmetry: Achieving Straightness, Stability and Balance in the Horse Saddle Rider Combination.  

Caroline is a Lantra Accredited Provider of equine and equestrian continuing professional development (CPD) vocational courses for lifelong learners.  Caroline is a qualified trainer of Veterinary Physiotherapy and runs regular Continued Professional Development (CPD) and webinar courses (replays available for purchase) for equine therapists in the UK and in Europe which address horse, saddle and rider asymmetry. 

Caroline runs 3 Facebook Groups: 1. Learn Equine Therapy Rehabilitation Techniques where equine therapists from around the world discuss current issues in Equine Therapy as part of their ongoing Continued Professional Development.  2. Learn Saddle Fitting Resource 3. Horse Saddle Rider Lab Courses.  She has a YouTube Channel and posts Horse-Saddle-Rider film clips there.  Combined, there are now c51k followers.

Caroline’s Qualifications, Training & Teaching are detailed separately below.

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