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Webinar 5 Session Series: Saddle & Bridle Fit Checking (Top Up) Accredited Course Certification


100% online.  Beginning 25 July at 18.00-20.00 London Time for 5 weeks.  Certificate of Competence provided for successful completion of independent study assignments together with webinar viewing.  Assignments to be submitted via short video clips to evidence competence.  The course can also be taken as webinar viewing only with a CPD certificate issued for attendance.  More details in the full description below the payment link.

There will be 9 places for the accredited course route and there is an additional £26 to be paid for registration with Lantra.  Details on the Lantra website here:

Saddles and bridles must be checked for fit on a regular basis in between checks performed by professional saddle fitters or to help with the timing of the decision to call in the professional saddle fitter.  Horses can change shape when they are in training, or with the seasons when their weight can fluctuate and even during the course of a ridden session as their back muscle contour increases with exercise.  The saddle should also be checked for rider fit as this can affect their ability to balance and apply aids which will in turn impact on the horse’s way of going.   Completion of this top up saddle and bridle fit checking course will provide equine paraprofessionals and sport horse riders/owners with the knowledge required to apply a firm foundation of theory and hands-on techniques to perform an evaluation of saddle fit comfort on a variety of horses and saddle types.  Saddle fit checks will apply to the horse, saddle and rider as a combination.

Presented by PhD student, graduate human Sports Therapist, Equine Veterinary Physiotherapist and certified saddle fitter, Caroline Lindsay, who has been working successfully with horse, saddle and rider combinations for more than 2 decades.

Fantastic course filling up the gaps and adding new techniques to the existing tool set. Amazing way of presenting material. Super clear and easy to understand.” K.D.

A really interesting series of webinars, very clearly and thoroughly presented with excellent pictures and videos…..this is definitely information and advice I will keep coming back to!” J.P.

This programme with 1 year replay access forms part of a comprehensive accredited course series created for equine and equestrian professionals and competition riders dedicated to ethical horse saddle rider performance.

Presented in a refreshingly unique highly informative format, the webinar will cover a comprehensive range of the essential components of saddle & bridle fit checking.

Presentation includes film, explanations and discussions generated from audience participation.

Content includes:

  1. An overview of horse and rider functional anatomy.
  2. An overview of the science of equitation.
  3. Recognising the restricted equine back.
  4. Common equine back pathologies.
  5. Saddle and bridle fit checking techniques on the horse.
  6. Saddle condition checking off the horse.

As well as being highly applied, this lecture is highly visual for clarification of the theory.


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